Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Age Restrictions:
The minimum age for customers on all events is 18 years of age unless specifically stated on event information.

Not all locations are suitable for everyone. As a group we aim to provide equal opportunities and accessibility however this is not always possible.
Customers with disabilities, illnesses or who are pregnant should contact us prior to ticket purchase in order to check if the venue is suitable.
Clothing worn at the event should reflect the venue. Warm clothes and sensible footwear are generally a must.
We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity. You are however ensured no member of the crew will be fake or stage performances at any time during events. They will ensure that the best atmosphere is created in order to attract paranormal activity.
We will involve you fully in any attempt made to contact with potential spirit to gain communication/reaction and encourage you to ask questions and take your personal paranormal journey forward.

Smoking and Fire Hazards:
No smoking at the event location unless in a designated area at prearranged time.
Please do not bring candles, inflammables or any other items that may be potential fire hazards.

All customers are expected to be alert and vigil during events for their own personal safety.
For everyone’s enjoyment at our events, we ask for customers to be respectful of other people’s views, beliefs and opinions. Aggressive and confrontational behaviour will not be tolerated.
Under no circumstances should a customer attempt to scare other customers, make noises during events, or fake activity.
You are asked to alert members of the crew if you have a concern.
Out of consideration to other customers any persons engaged in anti social behaviour will be asked to leave, without refund given.
Please also be respectful to the residence or staff at the location who are not involved in the event, especially when leaving the event.
Anyone causing damage to the venue/property will be asked to leave and names passed on to owners or local police.

Alcohol & Drugs:
We operate a strict No Drugs and Alcohol Policy. This also includes prior to the event.
Any customer arriving at a venue, who is in our opinion has not adhered to this directive will be asked to leave with no refund being made.

Attendance at the event is purely at your own risk. Members of the crew will give directives on potential dangers and hazards, but due to the nature of many locations, accidents/incidents may occur. You are encouraged to be personally vigilant and use common sense.
All guests should preferably have there own third party public liability insurance.
Our insurers have advised us that our public liability policies may not cover you or your party during the event as some events take place in areas that are not generally open to the public.

All clothing, equipment, luggage, vehicles or any other belongings you bring are your personal responsibility.
We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Cancelled or postponed events:
Unfortunately, there are rare occasions when an event may have to be cancelled due to circumstances not always in our control, e.g., adverse weather conditions.
A new date will be arranged where possible. If unable to attend a full refund will be given. Costs incurred in travelling or accommodation would not be honoured as they are your own personal responsibility.

A 50% deposit may be charged if you have selected “Pay on arrival” An email will be sent with payment options.

We strongly recommend that if you have travelled some distance to attend the event that you either book accommodation or rest before travelling home.
It is also recommended that you leave adequate travelling time getting to events as late comers hamper the enjoyment of all.

You are advised that any services provided are for entertainment purposes.
Our team members are professional people who take their work seriously. All statements made however are their own personal opinion and may or may not reflect the opinions of others.
It is up to you to form your own beliefs on what you hear/see.

By purchasing a ticket or registering for an event you have automatically accepted these terms and conditions which are binding.