Event Guidance

To help you to get the most from of your paranormal experience we have put together a guide to help you make your night more enjoyable.

The team has many years of experience between them and come from a wide variety of backgrounds, they are professional people who take paranormal investigation seriously. Nearly all of the team are sensitive to spirit and welcome the sharing of experiences. All statements made by the team are their own personal opinion and may or may not reflect the opinions of others.

Events can vary in the level of paranormal activity experienced and 7th Sense Paranormal do not use trickery or fake experiences in any way. Is up to you to form your own beliefs on what you see, hear and experience. Should you have any worries or concerns please speak to a team member.
Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are priority and we request that you comply with any direction given by the team.

We recommend that you bring a working torch and spare batteries to events, interactions from spirit can quickly drain batteries and in certain venues it is advised that you carry a spare working torch.

We advise that torchlight should be kept to a minimum in order for you to develop your night vision. Should you need to use your torch please be careful not to shine it directly in to peoples eyes and head torches should be angled downwards. In areas of low light, when moving to and from locations or in locations which may present trip hazards, we recommend that torches are used but kept angled towards the ground.


We invite all our guests to take photographs and use night vision recording equipment (no external lighting please) however we request that when taking pictures using the flash that you inform the group prior to the photo by calling out “flash” or “photo” in order for other guests and team to protect their night vision. Please try to keep photo taking to a minimum as it is thought excessive photos taking can effect spirit activity.

We encourage our guests to share photographs by emailing them to team@7thsenseparanormal.co.uk or via facebook or our twitter page @7thSensePara

Team may take photographs for promotional purposes, If you do not want to be included in promotional photographs please inform one of the team.