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They Talk… We Listen…

We have what could be called a ‘7th sense’ which everyone can and does experience to a certain degree at times, a sense that very young children, and a few truly ‘gifted’ adults have to an even greater level of sensitivity.

The ability to hear, see or communicate with Spirit is something that may not be scientifically measurable to evidentially prove but the evidence is certainly real and has been recorded since early human history.

Some of the paranormal phenomenon that people experience could be explained with ‘logic’ and for 7th Sense Paranormal this is fine as we take a very open approach to our investigations, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

Everyones right to free choice, expression and belief is encouraged during 7th Sense Paranormal investigations.

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I was talking about the spirit box with one of our guests last night and we mentioned this man, although neither of us could remember his name..

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Thank you to all out guests tonight at Drakelow Tunnels very interesting and weird night ! We wish you all safe travels and hope to see you soon..

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